Business and Information Security is now one of the top if not the most important business priority in every organisation. The implication of information loss is no longer just an internal concern, it directly impacts customer loyalty and brand reputation, not withstanding potential heavy fines from regulatory bodies in the event of not being compliant with current standards.

A few years ago when organisations operated from a limited number of locations it was far easier to protect your Intellectual Property and your Customer’s Data. With the introduction of Mobile Working and/or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) at an individual level and the IoT (Internet of Things) at a corporate level; organisations need to re-think their complete “Security Strategy”.

These solutions often start with a Security Assessment of your existing Network to enable us to provide recommendations around the following key areas:

● Continuous Virus Control and Malware Protection of every device
● Access Control at every level
● Single Level Sign-on providing ultimate “User Authentication”
● Protection of sensitive data and full DLP (Data Loss Protection)
● Encryption of sensitive data which is particularly relevant to protect against Ransomware attacks