hybrid cloud solutions

The challenges on today’s CIO are increasing daily as all users across all departments demand constant and faster connectivity. The CIO challenges are further compounded by the following factors:

● How can I deliver more for less?
● How can I ensure the systems are operational 24 x 7?
● How can I provide flexible and mobile working without compromising on security to eliminate the loss of service or worse still complete “Brand Erosion”?
● How can I allow users to utilise their personal devices to access company information without impacting security?
● How can I provide more information to Business Leaders allowing them to make more accurate and quicker decisions to accelerate the company’s time to market?

To overcome these challenges many companies are considering their existing IT infrastructure and considering the use of “Cloud Based Services”. However, before you press the “GO” button, we at Flow would recommend you consider:

● What is the SLA for the particular application you are looking to host in the Cloud?
● Once migrated to the Cloud, how can you get the application back?
● How dependent are you on the development capability of your particular Cloud Provider?
● How much control do you have of the commercials once you have migrated to the Cloud?
● How secure is the service provided by the Cloud Provider?

If you are unsure about any of these questions, Flow would recommend we discuss the benefits of “Hybrid Cloud” which is a combination of Public, Private Cloud and on premise IT, to better understand the requirements of your business and each application. The Solutions we provide have been developed by the leading Vendors in this field and are highly recommended by the analyst community.

Diagram illustrating a hybrid cloud solution utilising private cloud, public cloud and on-premises hardware