Wireless network solutions for businesses that enable secure flexible and mobile working solutions.

The demand for Mobile/ Flexible Working has accelerated at a pace few expected as more and more users either work from home and/or a remote location.

As a progression of the Routing and Switching solutions which Flow has been providing since the company was founded we have become a leading specialist in the design, implementation and support of WIFI solutions.

After detailed consultation to understand your current and future requirements, a detailed survey of your environment is undertaken to understand the appropriate number of access points in each location based on the density of users, applications and the environmental surroundings.

We also take into account the monitoring of the deployment and the levels of security required, which is quickly becoming the single largest concern of any organisation implementing a “Flexible Working” ethos.

The solutions proposed and implemented are developed from a combination of global vendors and also emerging vendors such as SecureAuth and Certes.