smart buildings and building automation systems

As we move towards a connected world and the use of IP becomes the de facto standard for every device, Flow have expanded upon our detailed Network and Security experience to deliver “Smart Building” solutions simplifying implementations and reducing additional layers of security.

The solutions Flow provide can be as simple as “Flood Wiring” of your new office to a complete design and implementation of an “Smart Building” where every device within every office is fully managed by a Central “Building Management System”. 

Historically these solutions would be stand-alone and managed by the Facilities Management Department, today with the aid of technology and expertise Smart Buildings are part of the Network and Building Infrastructure managed by the IT team. With a common network, any device can be added or changed within very short timescales saving time and money.

To deliver these solutions Flow has relationships with a number of leading vendors in the Smart Buildings Marketplace.

Smart Buildings example demonstrating central control via a building management system